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Tag: Remarketing

Why You Should Be Using Display Ads on Google

Why You Should Be Using Display Ads

Google Display ads help your business reach a wider audience and are highly beneficial for brand awareness and name recognition. They appear on the main page of websites, unlike Google Search ads which show up on the search engine results page. Google Display ads have the advantage of reaching customers

Facebook Pixel

The #1 Secret to Successful Facebook Advertising Campaigns

I feel like I am always singing the praises of Facebook ads to my clients. You can create campaigns tailored to your needs, get super specific with the audiences you target, and achieve excellent results with a low monthly budget. Want more Facebook page likes? No problem. Set up a

Cross-Device Remarketing from Google

The Launch of Cross-Device Remarketing

Have you ever been searching for a product or event, and ads for that product or event started popping up on your Facebook feed or other websites that you are visiting? If you’re like me, you’ve probably wondered how on earth these oddly specific ads are finding you. Truth be