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4 Tips for Going Back to Work After Vacation

Do you ever stress about work during your time off? Do you ever feel like the dread of going back to work overpowers your vacation? Let’s be real, it can sometimes feel like taking time for yourself is not even worth the headache that “catching up” brings once you return to the office. Using these four tips we have provided can make the process of going back to work after a long vacation less daunting and stressful.

Tread slowly – and in an organized manner.

Don’t give in to the temptation to dive into new tasks and projects that have piled up on your desk while you have been gone. Go back to the day you left – what is left to be completed? What needs to be settled before you move onto the next task? We suggest not jumping into new tasks right away. Instead, you should complete the older, unfinished ones help to reduce the stress of feeling overwhelmed coming back to work. Make a list of everything you want to complete on your first day back. Check off the items one by one, and focus your attention on one task at a time. 

Get in touch with clients.

It is a great idea to reach out to your clients with a simple email letting them know you are back in the office. Not only is this a courteous thing to do for the client, but it can also benefit you. They can catch you up on what you have missed in their response email. You’ll feel relieved whether they tell you nothing has changed or they need three things from you by the end of the week. Why? Because you are now connected and in the know!

Shift your perspective.

When you have time off, it is always a great idea to dive into the depths of your mind and soul. Evaluate yourself. What is causing the most stress? What scenarios do you feel unprepared in? What helps you? Ponder on what could be the answers to these questions, and come back to work with a different perspective – a new set of eyes. Figure out ways to apply what helps to the situations that cause you stress. You’ll be happier and more efficient. 

Go easy on yourself.

You don’t become a superhuman during vacation. Don’t expect too much from yourself during your first few days back at work. Prioritize quality over quantity even if the amount of work to catch up on seems daunting. It’s never a bad idea to give yourself several small breaks throughout the day to help you not become overwhelmed with work. Things take time, but you CAN do it!

Don’t be afraid to communicate with clients and coworkers to help you get caught up, and be patient with yourself. We, at Smarter Searches, believe everyone needs a break from work every once in a while. Don’t let your time off be what overwhelms you most. Once you get back into your work groove, contact us, and let us help with your digital marketing.