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Blog cover for "What I Hope to Learn in My Internship"

What I Hope to Learn as an Intern

Hi! My name is Jessica and I am the new intern at Smarter Searches! Born and raised in Knoxville, TN, I’m a senior at UT graduating this spring with dual degrees in advertising and psychology. When I’m not spending the day designing new things on my computer, you can find

Blog cover for "How to Stay Productive on Month 7 of Working from Home"

How to Stay Productive on Month Seven of WFH

If you feel like you have been unproductive or less motivated lately, we can promise you that you aren’t the only one. It is important to remember that we are on month seven of working from home in a global pandemic. This is the most challenging year for not only

What I learned from my internship

What I’ve Learned from My Internship – Allison

Looking back and reflecting on my senior year internship, I realize it’s going to be difficult to narrow down everything I learned into one blog. An internship, in general, gives you so many necessary skills for the workforce that you wouldn’t typically gain just from going to classes, but my

The Pomodoro Technique for WFH

Work from Home: The Pomodoro Technique

In light of the Coronavirus and it’s uncertainties, a majority of Americans have been working from home and may continue doing so for another few weeks or even months. Luckily, as a Digital Marketing Agency, this doesn’t change too much of our day to day. Some face-to-face meetings have become

Going Back to Work After Vacation Blog Graphic

4 Tips for Going Back to Work After Vacation

Do you ever stress about work during your time off? Do you ever feel like the dread of going back to work overpowers your vacation? Let’s be real, it can sometimes feel like taking time for yourself is not even worth the headache that “catching up” brings once you return

How Quickly Should I Respond to Customer Emails?

How Quickly Should I Respond to Customer Emails?

Your customers may email your business for a variety of reasons: a question about your products or services, praise for your business, or even a complaint or problem they have experienced with your business. Regardless of why a customer sends your business an email, they expect a response, and they

10 Reasons You Shouldn't Work For a Startup

10 Reasons You Should Definitely Not Work For A Startup

Startups are all over the place. Popping up overnight and taking the world by storm. But what’s so great about startups anyway? Should you be working for one, or should you just stay where you’re already comfortable, established even. Maybe. But maybe not. Regardless of your preconceptions, here’s my list