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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing trends for 2022

4 Keys to Marketing in 2022

Well, here we are. It’s the end of the year already, and that means it’s time for me to wrap up the year and forecast what will be important in 2022.  The hard part is that 2020 and 2021 haven’t exactly been predictable. Sure, we’ve

Content marketing strategy and tips for 2022

Content Marketing Strategy Tips for 2022

As CEO of a digital marketing agency and adjunct professor of marketing at the Haslam School of Business, content marketing is one of my most commonly discussed topics. It often needs to be “demystified” because so many things fall under the content marketing umbrella –

Low cost digital marketing solutions

Lower Cost Digital Marketing Solutions

Smaller local companies and startups often look for ways to cut costs more than the mega corporations everyone knows about, but no matter what size your business is, saving money is always a good idea. One great area of business to save in while also

The History of digital marketing

The History of Digital Marketing

In most fields of study, there is historical knowledge of what came before. We know who invented the light bulb (thanks, Thomas Edison) and we know who invented the telephone and what he said on that first call (Alexander Graham Bell called his assistant and

Benefits of properly utilizing LinkedIn for your brand.

Benefits of Properly Utilizing LinkedIn

We recently had a client ask us to come up with a one-sheeter explaining the benefits of employees using LinkedIn to help their company. We thought this was a great idea, and after writing one up, we realized that this information is useful across the

Social Media Metrics: Your Simplified Guide

Social Media Metrics: What Do They Really Mean?

As marketers, we oftentimes forget that what is common knowledge to us is not common knowledge to others. It’s definitely not common to our clients, who hire us so that they don’t have to learn this information. At Smarter Searches, we each have our department

4 Things Your Website's Homepage Really Needs

4 Things Your Website’s Homepage Really Needs

As a busy entrepreneur, you wear many hats; and if web designer is on that list, you know how overwhelming trying to build a website from scratch can be. You need to write all your content and organize it into pages, gather up your images,

How COVID-19 Pivoted Marketing Efforts

How COVID-19 Pivoted Marketing Efforts Across Industries

Our last blog covered some of the ways we expected the novel Coronavirus to affect businesses and their marketing efforts. Although it seems not long since that blog was posted, we have seen dramatic shifts happen rapidly across industries including restaurants, grocery stores, and retail.