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SEO and PPC survival tools for digital marketing.

SEO and PPC Survival Tools

The internet is a vast world of information with answers (both right and wrong) for virtually any question, but trying to navigate through the queries, algorithms, and unspoken rules can be like exploring the great unknown. Now, I don’t consider myself a competent outdoorswoman by

SEO and PPC: First Impressions

Whether you’re an industry veteran or a recent graduate (like me), jumping into a new field or job can be daunting, especially if it’s focused on the ever-changing internet. I’m Kassidy, Smarter Searches’ newest Marketing Assistant! Graduating two months before the COVID-19 pandemic put a

Google Ads Advertiser Verification

Google Ads Advertiser Verification Rolling Out

Google is starting to roll out a new advertiser verification program to “ensure a safe and trustworthy ad experience for users.” If you advertise on Google, you may have received an email from Google asking for you to verify your business. The program requires advertisers

Google Delays Updated Partners Program

Google Delays Updated Partners Program

Google announced updates to the Partners Program in mid-February. The updates were touted as a response to feedback from current Partners to make the program more exclusive, with better transparency and recognition. This new Partners program was originally supposed to begin in June 2020, but

Why You Should Be Using Display Ads on Google

Why You Should Be Using Display Ads

Google Display ads help your business reach a wider audience and are highly beneficial for brand awareness and name recognition. They appear on the main page of websites, unlike Google Search ads which show up on the search engine results page. Google Display ads have

Leverage the Power of PPC

Leverage the Power of PPC to Improve Your Web Presence

With every passing day, the internet becomes more and more crowded, and increasingly more competitive. According to Moz, there are 169 billion URLs, 23 billion subdomains, and over 1 trillion links on the internet, as of May 2017. So no matter what industry you are

Cross-Device Remarketing from Google

The Launch of Cross-Device Remarketing

Have you ever been searching for a product or event, and ads for that product or event started popping up on your Facebook feed or other websites that you are visiting? If you’re like me, you’ve probably wondered how on earth these oddly specific ads

Why You Should Use PPC Advertising

Why Your Company Should Be Using PPC

The year is 2016, and surprisingly, some businesses still don’t see the value of using pay-per-click advertising. While a dedicated SEO strategy is very important to your online visibility, a combined effort of SEO and PPC will give you the best chance to be seen

We're In a Mobile World

Staying Relevant in an Increasingly Mobile World

Technology never sleeps. If you blink, you may miss the latest and greatest new technological innovation. Today, the “newest and greatest” innovations seem to be centered around mobile devices. Here in 2016, everyone has a smartphone or tablet, and in many cases – both. As

Ad copy testing

Ad Copy Testing, 1-2-3!

If you’re working with PPC, ad testing is an inevitable part of campaign optimization. One of the worst things you can do is build a campaign and let it collect dust. One of the best practices Smarter Searches enforces is trying out various types of