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Social Media Updates You May Have Missed

Popular social apps can feel like they’re updating faster than we could all possibly keep up with. Sometimes these are updates we love, and other times they can feel like a real pain to navigate or learn (can we have our feeds back in chronological order yet?). Either way, we’re here to explain some recent social media updates you may have missed this summer.


Re-sharing Instagram posts

“Reposting” (or “re-sharing”) has been a popular trend on Instagram for awhile, but it has always required using a third-party app. Instagram’s latest update now allows users to share another user’s post on their personal Instagram Story. But for now, re-sharing another user’s post on your Instagram feed will remain up to using a third-party repost app like Repost for Instagram.

Instagram reshare post to story update.Repost for Instagram app.

Emoji sliders

Instagram’s newest method for poll rating is the emoji rating slider. The emoji slider is located in the stickers tray (the smiley face with a box around it in the upper right hand corner) and allows users to select any emoji and insert a question or statement for their followers to rate!

Instagram emoji slider update.


Audio messages

Facebook did not take long to add a “story” feature after Instagram made to bold move with their story update. The newest Facebook Story update allows users to add audio recordings to their Stories, accompanied by a picture or color background, rather than a full-on video. Facebook announced this update as an attempt to appeal to a global audience.

FYI – if you’ve seen the circulting posts: Facebook has not limited your feed to only a certain number of people, and sharing a post saying otherwise won’t make any difference as to the users you see when you check your feed. Just thought we’d throw that in there for good measure ;).

Social Media with Smarter Searches

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