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Diversity and Inclusion in Marketing Part 2

Diversity and Inclusion in Marketing – Part 2

Outward Facing Diversity Advertising isn’t effective if audiences aren’t connecting with the message, so it’s important to focus on empathy as the ultimate goal.  Once we understand and connect to different ways of thinking, it is likely that inequality will begin to shrink, while empathy and connection will strengthen and

The Intern Diaries

Over three months ago, I made the decision to leave my perfectly healthy job as a graphic design intern at the University of Tennessee. It was a phenomenal experience, but I wanted something more. I wanted to write blogs. I wanted to help with social media. I wanted to learn

10 Reasons You Shouldn't Work For a Startup

10 Reasons You Should Definitely Not Work For A Startup

Startups are all over the place. Popping up overnight and taking the world by storm. But what’s so great about startups anyway? Should you be working for one, or should you just stay where you’re already comfortable, established even. Maybe. But maybe not. Regardless of your preconceptions, here’s my list