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Case Study: Subscription Book Box Client’s SEO

It’s no secret that digital marketing is important and we often talk about how incorporating a strong SEO strategy can be a game-changer for growing your business. After all the conceptual talks about optimizing websites, it’s time to put our money where our mouth is and deep dive into one of our client’s historical SEO. Today we are exploring our book subscription box service client’s journey from their baseline years ago to present day.

About the Client

This client offers monthly subscription boxes complete with two books from the genre of your choosing. From thrillers and mystery to romance and young adult, they have all kinds of genres available, even children’s books categorized by ages newborn to preteen. For each box, you can decide how often you’d like to receive shipments and have the option to send a subscription as a gift. 

While the company was doing fine, they understood their shortcomings and the importance of a strong web presence. Enter Smarter Searches into the picture. In April of 2018, this client signed on for our SEO, PPC, and social media services to reach more potential customers, but for the purpose of this case study, we are going to focus on SEO. Our web designer quickly got to work, offered some site mockups, and got the process of building their new website rolling. Once the new site was live, the SEO and PPC team wrote ad copy and prepared the site to be index on Google.

Baseline Metrics

Backtracking a bit to the client’s previous site, nothing was optimized with best practices and metrics were virtually nonexistent. We can see historical data in Google Analytics beginning in April 2018: organic sessions totaled 76, there were 3.4 pages per session, 605 ranked keywords and no backlinks. 

Make a Plan, Work the Plan

Once we had our baseline data and studied the inner workings of the new site, our team put together an organic growth plan complete with monthly technical, on-page, and off-page SEO tasks that would help our client achieve their main business goals: expand their online presence, rank for competitive keywords, appeal to the target market, and provide a good user experience. Each month would require efficiently optimizing new content and making sure Google knew to index the site frequently.

Current Metrics

As a result of implementing this organic strategy outlined above for almost four years, we’ve recorded these up-to-date metrics as of January 2021. As a result of optimizing on-page content for relevant key terms, the site’s total ranking keywords increased by 165% to 1,603 total keywords. The large increase in keywords caused the site to appear in more searches which yielded 770 total clicks, 65,423 total impressions, and 1,147 organic sessions compared to April 2018. This means those metrics grew by 76900%, 6542200%, and 1409.21%, respectively. The data also showed that organic users are viewing more pages per session (3.4 in April 2018 compared to 6 pages in January 2022). 

As you can see, our client started out with weak SEO and has grown exponentially over the last nearly 4 years. We continue to see positive growth in these metrics month by month. Monitoring this client’s continuous improvement is always exciting and having tangible results in the form of sales resulting from organic site visits provides the validation that spending time optimizing websites really does provide value. 
If this case study intrigues you, check out our other deep dives to learn more about other clients we’ve helped grow. We’d be happy to answer any of your questions regarding SEO, just submit a contact form here!

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