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What I’ve Learned During My Internship

During my time as a digital marketing intern for Smarter Searches, I’ve had the opportunity to advance many of my digital marketing skills and experience what it’s like to work remotely as part of a team. As my internship is coming to an end, I thought I should reflect on some of the most valuable skills I’ve learned as an intern!

One of the most important takeaways from my internship was learning more about SEO and how to utilize and optimize SEO for clients through writing blogs. As a previous advertising student, I had some exposure to SEO in the past, but I never truly realized how involved and important it can be. One of my biggest roles as an intern was to research SEO keywords and write blog posts for each of our clients. I have a much better understanding and appreciation for the “behind the scenes” work that goes into SEO optimization and keeping clients top of mind for consumers.

After a few weeks of writing, I also could already tell that my writing skills had improved in a way that made my blog posts sound more natural and conversational while also remaining relevant to the client and topic. It became easy for me to adjust to writing in different tones and voices depending on the target audience of the blog post. Having the opportunity to develop my writing skills makes me feel more confident in my ability to communicate with others professionally as well. 

Smarter Searches has a wide range of clients in different industries. As a result, I needed to be able to quickly adjust to writing for completely separate industries and topics. Through this internship, I feel much more confident in my ability to be given a blog topic that I know little about and to then research, learn, and write about the topic. Being able to quickly understand information and then turn around and explain that same information is such a valuable skill that I know will benefit me later on in my career. 

While working fully remote was a new experience for me, I can definitely say it has prepared me for a future of remote work and online communication. I also feel more confident in my time management and organization skills, especially when it comes to balancing many tasks. The many skills that I gained throughout my internship will easily benefit me in a future career. I’m incredibly grateful for everything the Smarter Searches team has done for me during my time as an intern!

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