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3 Ways to Gain Instagram Followers for Free

Whether you have just created a new Instagram account for your business or your existing account’s growth has plateaued, you may have considered buying Instagram followers. Buying a large following may sound like an easy fix, but this results in poor engagement on your Instagram posts. These automated “Instagram bots” may not comment and like your pictures and tend to unfollow shortly after your purchase.  Earning followers organically is easier than you might think and will pay off in the long run. With these three simple steps, you will start to see an improvement on Instagram without spending a dime.

  • Use Hashtags:

Businesses often forget to utilize one of Instagram’s most helpful tools – the hashtag.  Hashtags are not just trendy teen lingo; they help consumers discover your brand on social media. Consumers can now follow hashtags on Instagram, making it easier for them to find accounts and posts with content related to their own interests. Start by thinking of keywords that describe your business and do some research on what relevant hashtags are trending in your industry.

  • Create Relationships:

Another way to gain followers for free is to create good relationships with users.  An act as simple as liking a comment, commenting back, and responding to direct messages can help your followers feel connected to your business.  It is also beneficial to engage your followers with contests, giveaways, or polls. For example, an Instagram giveaway where followers must tag others in the comments for a chance to win is a common tactic used to increase brand awareness.

  • Content Calendar:

When a consumer lands on an Instagram account that has not posted in a few months, the user will most likely see this as an inactive account and will not follow them. It is important to post quality content consistently to stay relevant on your followers’ timeline and explore page. With Instagram’s new algorithm, the more you post and engage with your followers, the more Instagram will favor you. By creating a content calendar for your account, it is easy to plan out what days of the week and what time to post. After you have implemented your schedule, go back and analyze what worked well and what did not. Pay attention to what types of posts received the most engagement, as well as what hour of the day. This will help you revise your content calendar for the future.  

Now that you are an Instagram pro, make sure the rest of your digital marketing is up to speed as well.  Contact the Smarter Searches team so we can help you excel in web design, search engine optimization, pay per click advertising and more.