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PPC Frameworks at ClickZ Live New York

Last week, Courtney Herda, CEO of Smarter Searches, spoke at ClickZ Live in New York City. The conference provides marketing professionals, brand advertisers, agencies, and business leaders with the knowledge and tools needed to traverse the dynamic digital landscape. Formerly titled SES (Search Engine Strategies), the conference was rebranded to factor in the ongoing digital marketing innovations beyond search.

Her session, titled “How to Implement a Winning PPC Framework” went beyond just talking about PPC auditing, but examined PPC account structures, auditing processes, and how to maintain account performance beyond the scope of an audit or initial build. Establishing a PPC auditing plan is like creating an exercise regimen: create a plan and stick to it. No cheat days. In the presentation, she examined how to create an auditing plan, how to prioritize elements of the audit, and what areas need to be continuously audited (and which do not). Beyond these elements, however, she also discussed tools, features, and advanced aspects of pay per click performance that explained why an audit was essential to PPC success.