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Best Blog Writing Tips

I’ve been writing blogs for a few years, but I’ve recently increased my output substantially; I now handle blog writing for all clients. Over the past few months, I’ve written more blogs and created more content than I had a few years prior. I’ve also come across a few things that can help others. So, take a look at my best tips for writing blogs.

Create an outline.

Creating an outline helps you stay organized and on track of your thoughts. When I used to write blogs only occasionally, I would just start writing without a plan. I knew the topic and would sort of just let my mind wander with ideas. Now, I know that creating an outline is a crucial first step to creating an informative blog. 

Do your research.

Unless you’re writing a blog about your favorite things for your brand, you will have to do some research. I suggest doing all research before you start writing. You know what you should research if you already have your outline created (from tip #1). It’s possible that your outline can change after doing research, but it’s the starting point you need! Your outline should guide your research, and your research should then influence your outline.

Set time aside to write.

This may seem obvious, but it’s not easy to write when you’re distracted or have a bunch of other deadlines knocking on your door. Use task management software like Asana, and map out what days you will write. It’s personal preference if you want to write for eight hours one day or for two hours at a time, five days a week. Test out both options and find what works best for you. 

Limit distractions.

This ties in with the last tip, and it reigns so true. The more you write, the better you’ll learn what you can handle. I cannot write if people are talking or listening to a podcast or song with words in it. I have loved the “Piano Chill” playlist on Apple Music recently. I pop my AirPods in, turn that playlist on, turn my notifications off, and sit down and write. You’ll be surprised at how much you can do when you aren’t distracted. I wrote a blog almost two years ago about the Pomodoro Technique, and it still helps me to this day. If you don’t know what it is, take a look here.

Always have someone edit your work.

Courtney edits every blog that I write – it’s a company rule to always put two sets of eyes on anything that goes out. I always check change history and see what changes she has made. I use her ideas and suggestions to better my writing each time. Everyone’s style is different, so keep that in mind, but know that having someone edit and support your work will go a long way.

Keep writing!

My last tip is almost silly, but the best way to get better at writing is to continue doing so. Creating outlines, research, and focusing on writing will help your content. If better writing is one of your goals for 2022, use this as your starting point and let me know how it helps.

That’s pretty much it. None of these tips are groundbreaking, but they are all real. I write at least one (if not two, three, or four) blog every day, and I follow these tips with each one. I’ve noticed improvements in my writing in just a few short months, and I have faith that you will too. If writing just isn’t your forte, reach out to us. Our entire team has years of experience creating engaging, informative, and SEO-friendly content, and we’d love to help you make that for yourself or your business. 

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