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All I Want For Christmas is You to Have a Better Digital Strategy

All I Want For Christmas Is You (To Have A Better Digital Strategy)

Black Friday for 2019 was a record-breaking year as both online and in-store figures rose over 2018’s numbers. Data from 2019 also demonstrates that more consumers than ever are comfortable with shopping and getting their deals on the go, as the number of shoppers using their smartphones increased dramatically.  Data

Welcome to Cheyenne’s Accountability Corner

Hi, friends! I want to formally introduce you to my new blog series: Cheyenne’s Accountability Corner. We all know that one, slightly-annoying friend that remembers everything that ever happens and holds us accountable. Yeah, that’s me. It’s February already, so I feel compelled to check in with you all –

Digital Marketing: A Recipe for Success

Digital Marketing: A Recipe for Success

  Unless you’ve always been a mad scientist in the kitchen, recipes are a great way to learn how to make food, combine spices, and satisfy your inner foodie. As someone who likes to learn something from the most basic starting point, I can appreciate the simplicity in following the

Smarter Searches Wins Two Addy’s for Web Design

On February 28, 4 members of the Smarter Searches team attended the American Advertising Federation’s 50th-anniversary award show at the Hilton in Downtown Knoxville.  Our team took home two bronze citations of excellence for web design, which we were pretty pleased with, considering we’ve only been offering web design as

WHY Facebook Matters

(And not just because I said so). I just finished a meeting in which I explained why Facebook is important to businesses for the third time this week, making me think that while marketers like us have made it apparent to businesses of all sizes THAT Facebook is important, no