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Why Your Company Should Be Using PPC

The year is 2016, and surprisingly, some businesses still don’t see the value of using pay-per-click advertising. While a dedicated SEO strategy is very important to your online visibility, a combined effort of SEO and PPC will give you the best chance to be seen by users and gain new customers. But why is that? Below we will detail a few of the reasons why you should be using PPC and what makes it so effective.

You’re not using PPC? Your competition almost certainly is.

The online marketplace is absolutely exploding with businesses who are trying to stake their claim atop the Google search results. With so much competition, sometimes a dedicated SEO campaign isn’t enough to get you to the very top of the results, or the competition is so fierce that you know it will take quite a bit of time and hard work to get there. This is where PPC comes into play. While SEO can take months (or years) to reach full effectiveness, PPC gives you the ability to jump straight to the top. Strategically-constructed PPC campaigns can be incredibly effective the moment you set them live. The benefit is that you can get those clicks and those new customers while your SEO is gaining traction in the organic search results. On top of that, if you are fully relying on organic hits to your website, your competition is more than likely taking advantage of the top spot on the paid results.

Highly Controllable and Measurable

What makes PPC so enticing is the fact that you can control just about everything. PPC allows you to set your own budget, and only spend what you feel comfortable spending. And the best part is that you ONLY GET CHARGED when an interested customer clicks on your ad and visits your site, hence, pay-per-click advertising. Can you imagine putting up a billboard on the interstate and only having to pay when someone sees your billboard and comes into your store? Or a TV ad that only charges you if someone calls the number on the screen? Well, that’s the beauty of PPC. The ads are only shown to people who are searching for your product or service. This allows you to spend your marketing budget targeting YOUR audience. Your ad is shown to the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

What’s more, every action taken is measurable. You can easily see which ads are working and which ads aren’t, and make instant adjustments. If your billboard isn’t performing well, you may be on the hook for another month or two before you can make changes. You can also track every single action that’s made from the moment someone clicks on your ad, to the moment they leave your website. This lets you know what pages and products people like, and it allows you to emphasize those components in your ads.


What is remarketing and why should I care about it? Buckle up. Remarketing allows you to target customers who have already visited your website but didn’t make a purchase. Perhaps they really liked your product but just weren’t quite ready to hit “buy.” Well, remarketing allows you to stay relevant in the mind of that consumer. By using special tracking codes, Google AdWords target your ad specifically to people who have visited your site. These people are more likely to convert than someone who hasn’t been to your website before. This makes this particular audience a high priority, and one that can only be reached using PPC.

PPC is a highly important, highly effective mechanism for marketing your business in today’s world. However, the search engine landscape changes frequently and is constantly evolving.  As a result, we strongly recommend taking advantage of a company that specializes in PPC and is a certified Google Partner. These professionals have studied for, and passed, multiple exams to demonstrate their effectiveness in PPC. Smarter Searches has multiple account managers certified in these types of ads and our company is a Google Partner. Fill out our contact form to submit an inquiry about our PPC services.